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RPM was built from the ground up by industry veterans who helped to lead the first asset backed securitization of distributed solar and have been at the heart of the solar revolution for many years. With decades of combined experience, RPM has the expertise and knowledge to increase your profitability through improved financial management. RPM’s best-in-class financial asset management platform empowers asset managers to collaborate across their entire portfolio, streamline complex financial operations and make informed decisions.

Our founders got the inspiration to start RPM from their experience at the industry’s two leading developers, Sunrun and SolarCity.  In their varying roles, they led and built out processes across many groups (including Project Finance, Corporate Finance, and Asset Management).  The financial processes and management solutions that they created relied heavily on manual workflows; using tools such as custom SQL queries, Excel and PowerPoint to manage budgeting, fund deployment, and performance reporting for internal and external stakeholders.

Recognizing the industry’s great need for improved financial transparency, accuracy and efficiency, our founders set out to create a tailored solution. RPM’s platform was born out of the desire to give the solar industry the tools needed to bring its financial management processes up to the standards required by stakeholders and regulators.

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